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At the Law Offices of Richard Gallone, I help passengers injured in car accidents recover financial compensation for their injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If necessary, I consult accident investigators in order to determine how many drivers were at fault in causing my client's injuries. If you've sustained injuries as a passenger in a car accident, I can review your case, explain your rights, and get you all the compensation to which you are entitled.

The amount an injured passenger can recover in car accidents is not determined by the fault of either driver in an accident. As such, injured passengers can seek damages from the driver of the car they were in and the driver(s) of all other vehicles involved in the accident. Consequently, injured passengers can collect 100% of their damages, regardless of whether or not the driver they were with was not at fault, partially or totally at fault.

Since Rhode Island is a pure comparative negligence state, a driver can be 99% at fault in causing an accident and still sue to recover the 1% compensation for their injuries and damages. However, the amount of compensation a driver is eligible to receive will be reduced by the percentage of their own fault. For example, if a driver's injury claim is worth $100,000 but he/she are judged 60% at fault, he/she can only recover $40,000 in damages. In the case of injured passengers, however, the principle of pure comparative negligence does not apply. As an injured party in an accident, passengers can recover damages from any at-fault driver involved in an accident up to 100% of their losses.

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Injuries Suffered by Passengers in Car Accidents

I represent people injured as passengers in car, motorcycle, truck, and bus accidents involving the following kinds of injuries:

  • Head and Face trauma — concussion, fractured skull, permanent scarring and disfigurement;
  • Brain injury - subdural hematoma, (temporary or permanent) cognitive impairment;
  • Spinal cord injuries - paraplegia, quadriplegia, crush injuries, bulging, herniated and ruptured vertebral discs, and nerve root impingement.
  • Amputations
  • Burns
  • Whiplash/Strain/Sprain Injuries
  • Back and Neck Injuries
  • Broken bones

When an Insurance Claims Adjuster Calls

Insurance companies are in business to make money. As a result, they have a financial incentive to avoid paying any more than they absolutely have to in claims. Toward that end, it's not unusual for claims adjusters to call people injured as passengers in car accidents in order to gather information or try to settle a claim quickly. However, it may be weeks or months before the full effect of a head or neck injury is known. If you agree to an early settlement you not only relinquish your right to seek additional damages later, but may find the amount offered is not, in the end, enough to cover all of your costs….let alone adequately compensate you for all your past, present and future pain and suffering.

For these reasons, it's important to work with an experienced car accident attorney who can protect and assert your rights and interests. Once you hire me to represent you, insurers are required to contact me and leave you alone. If you are entitled to be reimbursed for lost wages or medical bills through any insurance company, my office will take steps to ensure these benefits are activated and being paid. Once the nature and extent of your injuries is clear, or you have reached a medical end result and finished treating, a settlement package with your hospital and medical records and bills and documentation of any other damages will be sent to the responsible driver's automobile insurance company with a dollar demand for settlement. I will negotiate with the insurance company so you don't have to. I will tell you what I think about any offer, but it is your decision whether to accept or reject any settlement offer. If their best and final offer is too low, I will file a lawsuit against the responsible party(s) and litigate your case to a verdict if necessary. Settlement or trial, the choice is yours.

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Even if no one else involved in your accident was insured, you are still entitled to recover compensation for your injuries. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, contact Rhode Island personal injury attorney Richard Gallone today at (401) 737-0500.

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