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When you purchase a product, you expect that the product and its components will be safe to use. However, when a product malfunctions or is dangerous due to a design flaw, serious injuries can occur. If you have been injured in an accident that is at least partially attributable to a product defect, you need skilled legal representation in your corner.

At the Law Office of Richard Gallone, P.C., our Warwick lawyer understands how to handle complex product liability claims. Regardless of the type of accident you have been involved in, we will work hard to find out exactly what went wrong and we will hold all negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers Have a Duty to Make Products Safe

A product liability claim may arise out of several scenarios, including:

  • Injuries caused by defective or recalled drugs
  • Injuries caused by dangerous or recalled toys
  • Automobile accidents caused by negligent designs, such as faulty ignition devices, or by defective products, such as brakes or tires
  • Construction and workplace accidents caused by defective tools and equipment
  • Products that do not come with required safety information and subsequently lead to serious injuries

Regardless of the type of accident you have been injured in, we will investigate all aspects of the accident to help hold all negligent parties accountable, including product manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

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